Durham High

The House System

The House system at the High School is an integral part of school life. Every girl is assigned a House with due regard to previous family links to a House. Sixth Form House Captains lead their Houses in several events each term, covering all talents and abilities from Sport, Music, Art, academic success and even Christmas wrapping paper skills!

The aim is to provide opportunities for girls to work with different year groups and to work effectively in teams; this comes in handy when competing for our coveted House Singing Trophy. Fun is an important part of the House Events and we encourage a great sense of House pride, challenging girls to step out of their comfort zone and enjoy the camaraderie.

Our daughter joined the school in Year 7 and, helped by the fantastic pastoral care, she has settled in really well. The staff have been amazing and there is an atmosphere of mutual support between the girls.

Mr Rob Byatt

We present a trophy to the overall winning House each year, collating House points earned from all areas of the school life, whether it be through exceptional work, great manners or enthusiastic participation in events.

Our Houses are Booth, Heath, Neville and Tempest and are named after four prominent Durham families. We have recently planted four trees to represent the families and their historical connection to the High School. They were kindly donated by the Old Girls’ Association and planted by our House Captains.

So whether you are Team Blue, Team Yellow, Team Red or Team Black respectively, have fun and strive for those points!