Durham High

School Fees

Fees 2017 - 2018

Registration Fee (non returnable)


Tuition Fees

Year GroupFees per term


Reception (under 5 years old)

Reception (5 years old and above) - Year 2





Years 3 - 6




Years 7 - Upper Sixth (11 - 18 years)



* Fees are for hours above the 15 hours per week provided by the Early Years Funding Grant which the School will claim on behalf of parents where applicable.

** Fees for 4 year olds qualifying for Early Years Funding.

Durham High School has access to Early Years funding. This means that parents of eligible children may access their free entitlement of up to 15 hours per week; however preference will be given to parents who request a full-time place.  

  • There are three terms in a year.
  • Fees include all text books and stationery but do not include lunches or Public Examination fees.
  • A family discount of 25% is given on the fees of the eldest child from a household where there are three daughters attending the School.
  • All girls below Sixth Form are expected to have school lunches (£219 per term).
  • Optional Extras:
    • Music Lessons (age 7 years upwards)
    • Speech and Drama (age 9 years upwards)
  • A fee is charged on acceptance of a place (details are on the Acceptance form); this is set against the final term's fee.