Durham High

GCSE Results 2017


Our Year 11 have been celebrating a fantastic set of GCSE results in both legacy and reformed subjects.  Over a third of legacy entries were awarded A^- A* with just under two thirds at A^- A, which represents a tremendous achievement. 

For the first time this year, pupils in England sat the newly introduced ‘reformed’ subjects in Mathematics, English Language and English Literature.  Unlike legacy subjects, the new examinations are measured on a numerical scale of 9-1.  An impressive one-third of all reformed subject entries at Durham High were awarded the top grades of 9-8.  This is a tremendous achievement as these results greatly surpass Ofqual National Guidelines.  For example in Mathematics, Durham High pupils achieved 18.6 % of entries at Grade 9 (Ofqual National Guideline - 3%) and in English Language 25.56% of entries were awarded Grade 9 (Ofqual National Guideline - 2%).  Congratulations to all girls at Durham High School for this wonderful achievement.   

I am absolutely delighted by these outstanding results, which represent a tremendous achievement for both girls and staff.  Girls at DHSfG work hard and play hard, being involved in a wide range of extra-curricular activities including sport, drama and music.  Having an outlet from academic studies encourages a healthy work/life balance, which in my opinion spurs the girls on to even greater academic success.  I should also pay tribute to our team of dedicated and dynamic staff who are always willing to go the extra mile in their support for each individual girl.  This is a terrific day for DHSfG and I am very proud of them all!

Special congratulations go to Maya Slee who achieved 12 subject passes at A^/ A*/ 9, Varsha Krishnan who achieved 11 subject passes at A^/ A*/ 9, Bolin Dai who achieved 10 subject passes at A^/ A*/ 9.  Helen Hall who achieved 11 subject passes at A*/ 9 and Neisha Mistry who achieved 10 subject passes at A*/ 9.  Well done indeed!

Mrs Lynne Renwick


Legacy Subjects
Percentage who passed with A^- A*          35.83%
Percentage who passed with A^- A*- A     63.61%
Percentage who passed with A^- A*- B     80.2%
Percentage who passed with A^- A*- C     96.92%

Reformed Subjects                                                   
Percentage who passed with Grade 9        20.31% 
Percentage who passed with Grade 9-8     40.63%
Percentage who passed with Grade 9-7     57.03%
Percentage who passed with Grade 9-4     98.43%


Legacy Subjects (without English Language, English Literature and Mathematics)

Cumulative Grades20172016201520142013201220112010
%A^ - A*35.8325.5644.9336.646.74226.0424.3
% A^ / A* / A63.6160.3373.95667.277.7873.7662.7167.66
% A^/A*/A/B80.284.8790.0689.1293.4190.9287.2192.11
% A^/A*/A/B/C96.9296.7398.21197.2898.9297.9896.4698.64



% Grade 918.6
% Grade 9-832.6
% Grade 9-744.2
% Grade 9-495.7


English Language

% Grade 925.56
% Grade 9-844.19
% Grade 9-762.79
% Grade 9-4100


English Literature

% Grade 916.67
% Grade 9-838.1
% Grade 9-764.29
% Grade 9-4100


All Grades

% A^ / A* / 9 / 836.57
% A^/A*/ 9-761.75
% A^-B / 9-678.1
% A^-C / 9-496.9

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