Durham High


“Keep in touch” is a genuine invitation. Call in if you’re passing or contact us to arrange a visit and we’d be delighted to give you a tour of your old haunts. Turn up to the Cathedral carol service, respond to a reunion invitation or follow us on Facebook and never lose your sense of belonging. Durham High changes with the times, but its character remains the same, and your ‘old!’ teachers would be delighted to hear about your university life, career or new relationships, while you are bound to wonder about the  friends that you used to laugh with, sing with, play with, compete with…

The Old Girls’ Association

You’re probably in the Old Girls’ Association which every Leaver has the chance to join, but you’d also be welcome to join the committee which meets twice a year to organise events including reunions. The OGA newsletter will keep you up to date and, likewise, please tell us when you move or change your name or contact details. We would like to know. With members across the globe, the Association is a fantastic way of networking and keeping track of each other’s lives.

For more information about the Old Girls' Association, please contact Jenni Sneddon, Secretary of the OGA at j.sneddon@dhsfg.org.uk or you can join our Facebook group.