Durham High

Parents and Friends

The Parents and Friends’ Association

Membership is easy. You have a girl in the school? You are instantly qualified and warmly welcome. Come along to our termly meetings. Get involved as much or as little as you like and hold the door open to new friendships and activities which range from the fund-raising for the ‘extras’ of school life (picnic tables, D of E tents and additional ipads to name a few) to socialising with like-minded parents. The quiz is a lot of fun.

The giggly Junior House girl doesn’t know that you organised the Panto trip, but she’ll be so excited to go. The self-conscious Year 8 is more interested in what she should wear at the disco than the effort you put into making up the goodie-bags. The glamorous young woman at the Sixth Form ball may cast a glance in your direction when the venue is perfect and you ordered the band - as well as her gown.

If you’re new, watch out for the New Parents’ Supper early in the Autumn term, which is a lovely way to break the ice. If you’re transferring your daughter from another school, the Parent Form Representative will contact you and be a point of contact and source of advice. We also have Parent Advocates (you might become one yourself) who are happy to answer all your questions as a prospective parent to the school.

Welcome to the club!