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"It is the perfect environment for any child, with nurturing teaching staff who see it as a personal achievement to get the best out of your daughter."

Expert beginnings

The range of teachers working within the Pre-Prep department means that pupils can be divided and taught by development rather than arbitrarily by age. This will also enable children who have particular strengths to be challenged, and to target support for those who are developing their skills. As we know, not every child develops skills in the same order or at the same rate and this approach will ensure that all children make their best progress in both the core and noncore subjects.

Throughout the Pre-Prep department, indoor and outdoor areas of provision and challenge are established for all children to be able to work independently, increasing opportunities to take responsibility for their own learning, to reinforce and extend prior learning and to be creative. We have mapped the Early Years Foundation Stage and KS1 National Curriculum, turning it into a progressive and unique Pre-Prep curriculum for some of the timetabled lessons. Open-ended challenges will be used for those with more advanced skills, where more emphasis is placed on leadership, application, and presentation skills. This means that learning can be tailored to the ability of each child using higher level thinking skills.

"Children make rapid progress in relation to their starting points, thus reaching or surpassing national age-related expectations by the end of Reception." ISI Report, October 2022.

We are proud that we were one of the first schools in the North East to take girls’ education seriously and together, it’s time to change the world again. You in?