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The quality and variety of the work in displayed in the Arts Suite is always impressive. Pupils enjoy studying the Arts, irrespective of their ability, developing confidence and creativity.

All pupils are exposed to Fine Art, Graphics, Textiles and Photography from Year 7 and we offer all these specialisms up to A Level. Our staff are skilled in bringing out the best in pupils, whether they are artistically gifted or simply enjoy flexing their creative muscles.  Many of our alumnae are flourishing in Arts related careers such as fashion design and photography.

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"In Art and Design, there are so many possibilities which you have the freedom to explore.”
Fine Art

In Fine Art, pupils’ work revolves around their sketchbooks, developed throughout Years 7 to 9, showing progression in their drawing and understanding of artists’ techniques. In Year 9 work will be more adventurous and ambitious, including three-dimensional pieces and photography. By GCSE and A Level, students will have the skills and confidence to know their strengths and follow their own interests.

Graphics and Photography

For those keen to combine their artistic talents with computer-aided design, Graphics translates basic drawing and painting using Adobe Photoshop. As a skill increasingly required in industry, many older girls choose Graphic Design or Photography as a pathway into careers such as game design, brand management, fashion marketing and photography.


In Textiles pupils explore materiality and construction with an Art and Design focus. They become proficient in sewing (by hand or machine), pattern-cutting and manipulation. Those who want to take it further, can specialise in fashion, costume design, tapestry or design for printed textiles at GCSE and A Level.