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Academically, our Sixth Form is demanding but worth all the effort. Our A levels are consistently among the highest in the North East, and this is testimony to the tenacity of our students and the efforts of highly qualified, specialist teachers who are right beside you. Meanwhile, your pastoral tutors get to know you really well and are always on hand to give you support – or a push!

And there’s more. Our enrichment programme includes guest speakers, life skills and current affairs, as well as the ‘survival cookery’ you’ll need if you’ve never looked after yourself before! Pupils always come up with original ways of helping charities and are creative geniuses when it comes to House events. Many Sixth Formers fundraise for their trip to Sri Lanka where they support orphans and new mothers.

Having fun together creates lasting friendships and girls will tell you that the Sixth Form feels like one large family. Pizza evenings, film afternoons, trips and end of term eccentricities are a great release from work and the summer ball is always the highlight of the year.

Pupils and staff go out of their way to make new students feel at home and our induction programme makes the transition very easy. After a few weeks the newcomer and the veteran are indistinguishable behind the coffee cups and laughter of the common room. Before long you’ll feel as if you’ve been here forever and you’ll leave with excellent qualifications and friends for life.

We are proud that we were one of the first schools in the North East to take girls’ education seriously and together, it’s time to change the world again. You in?