Durham High

Pastoral Care

It’s a simple equation. Happy, secure girls do better than those who are insecure and sad. The school works hard in keeping the pulse of the girls’ well-being. A family bereavement, a falling out between friends, or simply the trials of growing up - all require wisdom, understanding and concerted action from committed staff.

In Senior House, form time with tutors and assemblies all play their part. Decent values, boldly articulated and reinforced, set a bench mark for how girls treat one another, whilst Heads of Year deal sensitively with even the most tangled pastoral issues.  

In Junior House, the family atmosphere is palpable and it is evident that each child is known very well by all the teachers.  Mrs Anderson, Head of Junior House, has an ‘open-door’ policy and girls are all very comfortable dropping in, whether it’s to show off a certificate or to discuss a concern.

Pastoral care is excellent: parents and pupils alike praise the care that staff provide. The overwhelming majority of parents were delighted with the progress that their children make and the many opportunities provided for them to excel.

ISI report 2015

Excellent behaviour, good manners and sound morals are taken for granted: emphasis is placed on respect and tolerance. We can be confident that any girl who wants to be different from her peers can be so, without feeling the pressure to conform.

Overall, we strive to build relationships based on mutual trust and respect, which can withstand the odd falling-out.  It is no surprise that visitors regularly comment on what a strong sense of community we have here at Durham High School.